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Ser Aymeric Premium
Ser Aymeric is a passion for us & we're always working on new features and improving existing ones! Most of the bot's features are 100% free to use however, we offer a few attractive rewards for Patreon supporters that will help empower you to manage your Discord and engage your members in a fun way!

Secure transactions with Patreon via PayPal
Awesome rewards including music streaming & playlist management & analytics!
Rewards apply to all Discords that you own!
Stream high quality music into a voice channel directly from YouTube, Ser Aymeric can even find the songs for you based on text input so you don't have to leave Discord! Manage your queue & create playlists to enjoy over and over again with ease!
Ever been curious to see how your Discord has grown over time? Or perhaps to see how active it is this month compared to last or even your most active members and channels?

Ser Aymeric Premium gives knowledge about your community that empowers you to run it ever better!
Increase Your Limits
Patrons receive significantly increased limits on their data, such as streamers, quotes, timers, playlists, songs & Twitter/ Reddit feeds.
You're Awesome!
You will receive a special role in Ser Aymeric's Discord & also unique badges on your user profile card just to show you that we think you're great and we appreciate your support.

Thank you!